Jonas Lindkvist is active

in the field of

graphic and exhibition


as a professional.


“For the greatest benefit to humankind”, Graphic Design, Nobel Museum, touring exhibition, 2020–2023
Exhibition Architect Transpond, Pontus Jönsson

“A Right to Freedom”, Graphic Exhibition Design, Nobel Museum, Stockholm, 2018
Exhibition Architect Björn Ed

As a freelance artist, I create graphic and exhibition designs.
“Litterär Revolt” Exhibition, Graphic Design and Soundscapes, Nobel Museum, Stockholm, 2017
Exhibition Architect Björn Ed
“Ideas Changing the World”, Graphic- and Exhibition Design, Nobel Museum, Stockholm, 2017
Exhibition Architect Björn Ed
“Networks of Innovation, Nobel Museum Exhibition Graphics and Interactive Interface, 2007
Exhibition Architect Björn Ed

“History of Kvarnholmen", JM Bygg och KF Fastigheter Kvarnholmen,
Graphic- and Exhibition Design, 2009
In cooperation with Jan Gouedo

”uppdrag KLIMAT”, Graphic Design,
Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stockholm, 2004 and 2019
Exhibition Architect Björn Ed



“African Masterpieces” Graphic Exhibition Design,
Museum of World Culture, Stockholm and Gothenburg, 2013–2014
Exhibition Architect Patrik Qvist



“History Line”, “Ericsson Studio”, “Global Map” Project leader, Exhibition- and Graphic Design
Numerous exhibitions at Ericsson headquarters, Kista, 2002–2010
In cooperation with Jan Gouedo
“Grimeton Radiostation”, Graphic, Exhibition Design, Varberg, 2005
In cooperation with Björn Ed and Jan Gouedo
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