Jonas Lindkvist works in the field of video and sound production, graphic and exhibition design, as well as photo. The work displays exquisite craftmantship, enormous breadth, and originality. Have a look at his portfolio and don't hesitate to contact him for potential collaboration if you feel the fit is right.

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Jonas Lindkvist is professionally active in the field of graphic and exhibition design, as well as photo, video and sound production. His work displays enormous breadth, originality and exquisite craftmantship. Have a look at some samples in his portfolio and don't hesitate to contact him for potential collaborative work if you feel the fit is right.

What’s the engine or inspiration that drives your work?

The discovery of something unexpected. When mixing different expressions and media, I use clashes and unforeseen events that occur by chance. It’s what gives rise to my creations.

Which medium do you prefer to work with and why?

Light and sound, as they combine well. As ephemeral mediums, their rendition change every moment, with each captured unique in its expression.  

In several of your works, we meet bugs. The inspiration behind these?

Insects have always fascinated me. I gathered beetles when I was little. They represent a miniature world that’s easy to miss yet are so vital in the ecosystem of nature and life. The idea for "Bugs" was born out of the realization that something so small, like a dead fly on the floor, is really so complex when you zoom in and start to think about its structure, life, purpose …

Overall theme or message conveyed in your work?

My work conveys the influence of technology’s development. It’s about raising awareness of the boundary between information and art: pondering if one should merely observe and take it in or be activated to participate in some form.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve inherited a collection of seashells that I’m experimenting with in print and photographic form. Maybe sound will come in somewhere.

My interest in a claim to fame Zero. However, for those who find my work interesting, useful, or helpful in any way — even as a springboard to something else — that I would appreciate that  and find rewarding.

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